Pitch a project

We want to bring new projects to fruition and we’re open to new ideas.

Deadlines are a recipe for emotional anguish, so we no longer set them. So unlike a typical call for proposals, we’ll be open to your ideas on an on-going basis. Pitch to us on your own timeline. Think of this form as just a way to start a conversation with us, to see if our ideas and sensibilities align, to see if we can build a working relationship and produce a Little Pharma project together.

We ask that you limit your proposals to work that is related to our mission of publishing around the issues and needs of artists living and working with mental illness. Some topics we’re interested in exploring in collaboration with artists & writers include:

  • self-care and consumer culture (“retail therapy”)

  • making art under capitalism

  • stereotypes about mental illness

  • self-care strategies for artists

  • mental health issues exacerbated by racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, all the -isms & -phobias…

These are ideas we’ve been thinking about, but we’re in no way limiting our interests to the topics mentioned above. If you’re not sure if your project is “relevant,” please submit!

While we started out working in print/zine formats, we’re open to collaboration in any and all media and potential formats. Keep pitching us your essays and artist book projects, but please also pitch us your performance, digital art, installation, video/film projects, and everything else at the link below.