Call for Submissions


Issue no. 2: Political Depression

With this theme we’re looking for you to show us how you feel about Agent Orange, show us your fear, your anxiety, your rage, your angst, your resistance and your exhaustion. You can share your writing about your experiences post-election or post-inauguration. You can also share your writing about a political topic unrelated to the current cheeto in chief, because reality is shit was fucked before now, and there is so much that we have to work on. We welcome artwork that’s about how you can’t work because all you can think about is the fear and distress that the most vulnerable people in our country live with everyday. This reality is taxing no matter who you are.* Share with us what therapy is like now, what you do to take care of yourselves, and most importantly what you do to resist. We’re interested to make this issue a space to take a breath and get feelings out there, but we’re also interested in work that engages with your resistance. Show us the collages, photos, drawings, and paintings which you made in the spirit of visual activism.

We will be accepting submissions from now through December 30th. You can send your submissions of original artwork and/or writing to If you have any questions you can always feel free to email us. As usual, we consider the theme to be open-ended— if you think your work relates to the theme of political depression, we welcome and want to see your work.